Every business uses forms of some kind or another to collect and disseminate information within their business. Whether you need to use new starter forms, expense claims or leave forms, Word and Excel files being manually routed around the business can cause problems with visibility and management.

The system of using a traditional manual form or online document comes with its own set of problems that can cost time and money for a company.

How Redmap Electronic Forms Work

Our forms are very easy to use, build and manage. We implement a very simple drag and drop administration tool which allows you to collect the necessary data and to manage all the branding requirements for your business in one go.

Once your form is designed and ready to go, you can decide who to publish your form to, and what kind of workflow you need for this form. The form is accessible using a web link, which means that anyone who has been granted access can use the form from their mobile or online device.

For anyone who wants to complete the form, they simply need to browse to the link provided and then submit the form. The data from the form is routed to the required people – as dictated by the form’s logic – and the form is completely visible and safe in the cloud.

Benefits of Electronic Forms

Electronic forms have a myriad of benefits when it comes to implementing them across your business. Paper forms are tedious, but for many industries, they are still used for inspections, audits, work orders, inventories and timesheets. The benefits of electronic forms for your business include:

  • Save time within your business
  • Electronic forms are fully trackable and visible to all those in the supply chain – so no more lost forms
  • Accessible from any device or smartphone with the link
  • Intelligent and intuitive design for your business
  • Environmentally-friendly – no more paper forms being printed
  • Exceptional visibility for your business, access forms at anytime from anywhere and make amendments if required
  • Intelligent tracking of forms – see who has accessed forms and monitor when forms need updating

Using an electronic form is the way forward for your business if you seek to be more efficient and to save time and money within your processes.

Document Management That Works for Your Business

Using forms for your business is an intelligent way of managing your processes. Depending on the size of your organisation, the document management that your business must work through may be large and time-consuming. The retail industry, education industry, strata industry and aged care/medical industry are just a handful of the industries that benefit from using electronic forms.

Whether you have a business where you need to route forms to certain parties for compliances automatically, or you need to manage a large number of employees, electronic forms are a great way to streamline your processes.

Automation for Your Business

When you have a manual form and there are changes that need to be made to it, you need to update the form and reprint it. Even with a manual form saved online, you must go through and change the form and then ensure that everyone who has that form has the most updated version of it.

The solution to the hassle of outdated paper and Word/Excel forms is to switch to electronic forms.

At Redmap, our electronic forms technology allows you to remove the manual forms from your business and to replace them with a simple electronic form that allows for full visibility and sharing.

When used in combination with Redmap’s suite of products, the electronic forms solution is a practical and cost-effective one for your business.

Rid your business of manually handling forms and the errors and the potential for mistakes they inherently bring to the business. Whether the form is sent to the wrong person, if it’s incorrectly filled out, or if it’s simply lost. When you have form automation and electronic forms for your business, you remove the potential for manual data errors.

The true benefit goes far beyond the financial or time-saving benefit; for when you have electronic forms for your business, you enjoy visibility like no other. You can see forms that have been submitted by clients, customers and internal employees alike, quickly and easily.

About Redmap

We are a company driven by our aim to enhance the document-driven processes of companies worldwide. Since we were established in 1998, we have worked to help in excess of 50,000 companies around the world enjoy greater efficiency with their processes.

From our humble beginnings as a scanning bureau, we have grown to become an international organisation delivering truly exceptional document workflow solutions.

We believe that the customer should come first. It’s not some hollow promise that we espouse just to make a good impression – it’s something that we truly back. It’s a philosophy of every person who works at Redmap. This is evident in everything that we offer as a solution, whether it’s our Accounts Payable Automation, our Document Automation, our Document Management or a holistic adoption of a combination of our services.