Document management is a process by which your company or business uses a computer system and software to store, track and manage electronic and scanned documents. This kind of document and workflow management has made a huge difference to countless businesses worldwide.

If your business is struggling to track and manage document workflow, or if you are unable to find documents when you need them, then you will benefit greatly from a fully integrated document management solution. We have helped our customers with their document management requirements for over 18 years. In that time our service offering has evolved from a humble document scanning and archiving business into a fully integrated suite of workflow and process improvement solutions.

We know that you want document management solutions that are intuitive, easy to use, functional and intelligent, and we have created a workflow management solution that is just that. You have complete access to all your documents in a browser-based solution.

Get in touch with us today and discover the difference that our document management solutions can make for your business.

What is Document Management?

A document is recorded information. When you have documents that are key to your business, you need to ensure that you can access them quickly and easily.

Document management is the software that allows you to control and organise your documents within your business or organisation. Document management includes the capture, management, workflow, repository, retrieval and tracking of documents within your organisation.

Key Benefits of Document Management

Our document workflow management is a sophisticated system of accessing documents across a business quickly and easily. Some of the key benefits of document management solutions include:

  • Check in/check out functionality which means that when documents are being revised, they are locked (with the current version available for viewing) while the changes are being made. When the document has been updated, the new version is checked in and updated across the network.
  • Integrates audit and compliance control which means that all changes (including old versions of documents) are documented and accessible
  • Version control allows you to keep tabs on how a document came to be, and how it is different from previous versions
  • Rollback option so that you can activate a previous version in case of an error or premature release
  • Tagging of documents as they are filed so that you can search within documents. Think of this solution as something like the plastic tags that you attach to your filing cabinet documents – but much more technologically advanced!

Controlled Document Management and Document Workflow Solutions

Security need not be an issue for your business when you are using document workflow management with Redmap. Our document management system, Redmap5, gives you the ability to file documents of any format and access is controlled by password. This, therefore, means that the person looking for the documents is only shown the ones that they have been provided permission to access.

It’s easy to find documents using Redmap5, because you have a single point of search, so you’re not looking in paper files, on desks, networks, desktops or local drives to find the files you need for your business.

Our innovative customers are able to leverage the integrated workflow and electronic forms functionality to transform their use of Redmap5 from a simple archive into a document control platform.

Benefits of Document Management

Document management allows for the successful storage, management and retrieval of files for your business. If you have ever spent time searching for a critical document, or have had to start over because a document has been lost, then you will understand the importance of having effective document management for your business.

Document management is far more than just ‘going paperless’ – it’s more like a sophisticated workflow management system, and comes with a whole host of benefits.

Document repository

A cloud-based document management system like Redmap5 allows you to enjoy a central repository of your documents that can be accessed, viewed, changed and shared within your organisation.

Document security

When you do not manage documents correctly, you run the risk of security breaches within and outside of your organisation. If you have vital or sensitive documents for your business, you want to know that they are safely taken care of. The Redmap document management system allows you to safeguard the security of your documents and to manage access with password protection.

Access from anywhere

You don’t have to be in the office to pull up that report – you can access documents in the cloud from anywhere on any device with the right access. This is exceptionally useful when on the road for business, or when you have a national or international team who need to collaborate on a document or project.

Exceptional organisation

Don’t struggle through poorly organised files – find what you’re looking for quickly and easily with tags and searchable document access. You can discover the document you are looking for with the right keywords quickly and easily.

Time and cost efficient

Time spent hunting for a document is an inefficient and poor use of time. Efficiency on the job is a time-saving device which, in the world of business, means money saved. The Redmap5 document management system saves your business time and money through its intuitive search, simple access and intelligent design.

Functional file sharing

Enjoy being able to collaborate with members of your team quickly and easily, with full accountability through the tracking and audit trail functionality. Enjoy better workflow management systems for your businessa

Why Redmap?

From our humble beginnings as a document scanning company in 1998, we have evolved to become an international document management and productivity company providing functional solutions to over 50,000 businesses worldwide.

We would love to help your business achieve exceptional document management and offer a full suite of automation and document workflow solutions. For workflow management systems that really work, we can help you.