If you are struggling to manage your document workflow, or are spending precious time working with a manual document process, then you need Redmap document automation.

Redmap has helped our Customers manage their documents for over 18 years now. In that time the platform has matured from a generic document scanning and archiving application to the fully integrated workflow suite today. Our customers leverage Redmap to route documents of all formats and business functions for authorisation, publishing and archiving.

We understand the needs of our clients and know that you want an easy-to-use and intuitive document management system. We are proud to bring you the very best in document workflow automation – from contract management (and the notification of relevant parties) through to form and workflow management.

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Controlled and Central Document Storage

One of the biggest document storage problems facing companies is the effort required to keep track of paper-based documents and records. When you use Redmap for your document process automation, you will enjoy access to all your documents in a single place. Documents can be retrieved by anyone with the required access, saving time and labour on unnecessary tasks.

Tracking document lifecycles is so much easier with Redmap document process automation – whether you need to manage the entire cycle of an employer/employee relationship or want to enjoy greater access and control in your systems and practices.

Controlled Document Workflow Automation

When using Redmap’s document process automation, you will be able to track the approval process for various forms, contracts and other documents. As each document matches the rules to which it is configured, it will automatically pass into a new status until it reaches a fully authorised state. The mobile-friendly platform means that you can see when documents and processes are up to date from anywhere in the world.

Track Revisions and Changes for Collaboration

When monitoring and working with documents, you need to be able to make changes and revisions if necessary and to have the workflow cycle continue effectively. The document automation system from Redmap manages changes smoothly, as you enjoy greater control while doing less manual work on documents.

Greater Efficiency

Enjoy greater efficiency and time management than ever before with Redmap. Save time entering manual document information into a system, or tracking with spreadsheets, when you use the intuitive document workflow automation system.

The process of document automation works to get rid of manual data entry (and the potential for errors) that exists in current manual document management.

We see that these benefits alone work to bring a payback period of fewer than 12 months to our customers. However, the true benefit of document automation is seen when the process continues to perform and offers greater time and money saving as compared to manual document management.

How Document Automation with Redmap works

Document workflows are relatively simple to set up in a Visio-like configuration application based on statuses and rules. As each document satisfies the rules configured, it is transitioned to the new status and the process continues until it reaches a fully authorised state and the cycle completes.

Our Customers have applied these technologies in many and varied departments/functions including:

  • Human Resources – the management of the entire lifecycle of the employer-employee relationship including certification;
  • Contract management – the routeing of agreements, the version control required and the notification to the appropriate parties;
  • Document generation – the management of the creation, revision and authorisation of documents such as policies and procedures;
  • Form routeing – our workflow solution integrates seamlessly with the new Electronic Forms functionality to route the forms completed.

Why you Need Document Automation with Redmap

While the most common industries using document workflow automation include the legal, financial and risk management industries, document automation can be used successfully in any industry where you need to create a transaction-based document.

An example of how document automation can be used to full effect can be seen within the logistics industry. Typical documents needed for managing the supply chain process within the logistics industry include:

• Invoices
• Pick tickets
• Packing lists
• Content lists
• Acknowledgement forms
• Import/export forms
• Delivery forms
• Bill of lading (BoL) documents

A key part of the successful operation of a logistics business is the adherence to times and key performance indicators. One of the biggest disruptors to a logistic supply chain is the influence of human error, but this can be eradicated when using a document process automation with Redmap.
Streamlining a process through document automation means a smoother service for your employees and clients, and less possibility of errors thanks to computer-generated documents. In addition, the need for paper documents is removed as the Redmap system exists online and can be used from a mobile device. This is good news from both an environmental and document tracking perspective.
It’s not just logistics that can benefit, and with an industry like commercial real estate, there can be documents like trust deeds, mortgage documentation, guaranty documents – each up to 100 pages with optional paragraphs and elements. Modifying these kinds of documents can be time-consuming and labour intensive.
Whether you’re in logistics or commercial real estate, your business can benefit from document automation.

Why Redmap?

Redmap started out as a document scanning bureau in 1998 and since then have helped over 50,000 businesses to enjoy greater document workflow automation and management. As a leading provider of document workflow solutions, we are proud to offer you, the customer, a solution for your organisational goals. We believe in stripping waste from manual document processes to save you time and money in your business.

We want to put you first and are always seeking to offer greater value and better solutions to you and your business. Our customer focus is something that is apparent whether you’re calling us on 1300 378 836 or getting in touch with our team online. We would love to hear from you and discuss the needs of your business.