Redmap’s document automation solution has been implemented in countless industries to satisfy all forms of document management and automation opportunities.

Customers tend to implement Redmap across multiple areas in their business, given the universal applicability of the Redmap automation platform.

Here’s what we do for some of them.


Aged Care

The Aged Care industry is experiencing considerable change at present. Competition is increasing between the provider for Clients and for additional funding sources. Those organisations that are agile enough to take advantage of the change will increase market share.

Removing manual document driven processes is one way to drive efficiency in the business and Redmap have helped providers strip waste from document driven processes including:

  • Accounts Payable Automation
  • Accounts Receivable Automation
  • Care Plan Automation
  • Medicare Reconciliation
  • Residential Agreement Automation

In all of these cases documents form the focus of the process. Be it ensuring Medicare have remitted the appropriate funds based on the care provided or the authorisation of an invoice by the Care Manager for care provided to a Client the document is checked against the rule set and routed automatically.

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Clubs spend less time managing paper and more time focusing on their members and guests when they use Redmap.

Redmap’s ability to query the ERP and Finance system to automatically route the invoice to the appropriate manager for authorisation. Automating what was a manual chasing of paper invoices all over the Club removes the labour cost in doing so and provides ultimate visibility to your process.

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The Retail Industry is a highly competitive based on, typically, small margins. Stock control is a primary focus to ensure that enough of the product is available to deliver without holding too much on the balance sheet. The management of the ordering, receipting and exception handling of the deliveries and associates costs is a time consuming, error prone activity.

Redmap have a strong pedigree in the Retail Industry and have helped their Customers to decrease the amount of effort required to match the invoice the PO and increase accuracy.

Invoices are checked against the PO’s and their receipts and based on this check routed either to the ERP or Finance system where they match or sent for authorisation where there is an exception. This database to database check ensures that the checks are accurate and that the individual items on the invoice that are incorrect by amount, item ID and unit price are identified and managed.

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In the fee for service Strata Industry the best way to maximise profit and Customer satisfaction is to ensure the Strata Managers are as efficient as possible. Many of the market leaders are seeking to mobilise their workforce to allow their Strata Managers to maximise Customer face time to achieve this.

Sitting at one’s desk approving a stack of invoices limits the amount of time that the Strata Managers can spend in the field.

Redmap’s solution allows the invoices to be scanned, the Strata Plan Number to be extracted from the invoice and routed to the Strata Manager responsible for that Strata Plan. This is all facilitated in a web-based workflow solution to further enable a mobile workforce. Many of our Customers have integrated Redmap into the Committee approval for the invoices also, removing the need to copy and print invoices for the General Meetings.

Given the document centric nature of the Strata Industry our Customer’s in this industry also leverage the Document Management and Archive functions to move to a paperless environment.

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