We invest in our people and innovation to deliver products our Customers LOVE.


At Redmap we know that the Customer is first. It is not something that we put in our vision statement to make Customers feel good about themselves but something that is front of mind for every individual that works at Redmap, from the lab to the field.

Redmap was established in 1998 and since then we have helped in excess of 50,000 companies worldwide realise efficiencies in their document driven processes. From humble begins as a scanning bureau we have grown to an International organisation that delivers truly integrated document workflow solutions.

These document workflow solutions are enabling our Customers achieve organisational goals particularly focused on stripping waste from manual document driven processes in a mobile friendly platform.


We deliver products our Customers LOVE in a controlled and responsive agile environment.

The shorter development cycles (monthly) enables us to be responsive to Customer demand and changes in the market place. With one eye on the end state strategic vision and the other firmly on what needs to be done now we provide our Customers with the most advanced document workflow solution available on the market.

At Redmap innovation is not some buzz word that we use in the hope that Customers and prospects will believe us but a core cultural value. The cyclical nature of the development cycle allows us to release functionality and immediate question how can we do this better?

Feedback is critical to the process and our Customers are the best source of such feedback and ideas. We foster this feedback by engaging with our Customers on a regular basis via a host of different events from face-to-face meeting, webinars and more.

Partnerships are key to delivering a highly integrated solution to our Customers.


Enabling is all about business transformation. We have decades of practical business experience and we know what solutions, processes and support can make your business better.

We approached Redmap because it was clear that our Customers had an issue with processing documents. We have successfully implemented Redmap in a number of our Customer sites to manage Accounts Payable invoices and HR Records. The integration between our solutions is managed by an Enabling developed connector called Breathe. This connector lets us swap data between the solutions which is used to route the documents thorough workflow.


Micropower is the only complete venue management solution. Helping over 450 clubs and venues Micropower has been partnering with clubs and venues for over 30 years to enhance their member experience, achieve better governance and increase their profits, by providing and integrating business systems.
Our combined solution for Accounts Payable Automation with Redmap is underpinned by Micropower’s Open Software Architecture. This integration means that our Customers can receive, approve and post invoices into Micropower’s Accounting Software in a fully automated solution that takes the manual handling out of the equation. Our Customers love it, it does what it says it will and does it well.


Procura is a leading global provider of aged, community and disability care software and solutions to aged care services, home care and disability providers, independent living and residential aged care agencies.

The aged care industry is presently under-going significant change to increase service to the Client. A large part of the change is the funding model and this has created a major increase in the processing requirements in the Finance Department. We have selected Redmap as our partner in this space and have delivered a number of projects helping our Customers better manage Vendor invoice approval, Medicare statement reconciliation, Care Plan generation and HR record management.

Join us today to understand what true innovation means and how it will benefit your business.